The Male Marilyn Monroe.

At the time of the release of his cult mixtape “Leipie Van Het Plein”, Donnie was seen as a protégé of the legendary Dutch hip hop crew De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. His Dutch delivery and ingenious wordplay might have similarities and sure enough “De Jeugd” producer Bas Bron helped by adding deep electro-funk to his sound, but ‘Maradonnie’ has claimed his own crown and his reputation spread rapidly from Amsterdam.

Donnie wants to be different, he has his own style and he does what he likes. In an interview, he said: “ You see so many people doing what has already been done. I want to be - as DJVT was with me - an inspiration for people to be themselves. Something unique can also be kept for much longer. ” His debut album Mannelogie was one of the hip hop releases of 2015 and follow-up Loei Ordinair takes his sound one step further. Donnie has become star for his wit and humour as well as his talent. The music video for the track “Barry Hayze” featuring Willie Wartaal went viral in 2019 for its hilarious portrayal of many Dutch stars merging in and out of Donnie, all with his signature hair long blonde hairstyle.

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