Zhazhda is a musical and visual project of two worlds colliding, that of producer Rimer London and artist Poseidonna. Rimer London has been part of the Dutch music scene for years and has established himself as a to-go-to producer in Amsterdam and beyond. He creates music in a wide range of styles; from electronic to rock. One of his internationally renowned projects ‘Le Le’ was a collaboration with artist Piet Parra and Dutch rap-legend Faberyayo.

Sophia Batovrina, an x-disciplinary creative, gives life to Poseidonna: An inner entity, a timeless spirit that represents the creative flow. Something that is fluid like water, uncatchable and moldable, taking shapes to what is inspired by the present moment. Sophia was born in Moscow within an artistic family, yet she grew up between NYC and Amsterdam. These metropolises of eastern and western culture have influenced her on many levels, shaping her identity and artistic expression.
For ‘Zhazhda’ Rimer London brings a base of catchy Italo disco-inspired beats, acid house and dreamy/pop arrangements. These have been top-lined with the Russian vocals and harmonies of Poseidonna who sings about the existential human experience and adds a unique vibe of humour and depth to the songs. Their debut EP contains 8 tracks; 4 songs and their instrumental versions.

The opener ‘Glubina’ means ‘Depth’ and reflects upon the age-old question ‘is the devil amongst us or does it live deep down inside of us?’ Follow up ‘Padushki’ - meaning ‘Pillows’ - was released as the first single and is a sexy tongue in cheek song about lovers and desire. The third track ’Otvet’ (‘Answer’) has Poseidonna singing about total self-expression being the highest form of freedom. Finally, ’Smerilas’ (‘Made Peace’) probes the question ‘what would you do when the world would end? Early support was received for some of these by the likes of Tiga, Erol Alkan and Marcel Dettmann.