Falco Benz

Still honouring his credo ‘synths and songs make sense’, Falco Benz continues to add new flavours to his repertoire varying from instrumental synthesizer house tracks to more vocal and poppy electronic songs, supplemented with his remix work for renowned artists like Roísín Murhpy, Oscar & The Wolf and The Flexican. After working for several years as a keyboard player with mainly the band of Benny Sings, Falco decided to focus on his solo career as an electronic producer and live performer. This all started in 2013 with the EP ‘Clap Machines’ on Magnetron Music and was followed by several other EP’s, of which most notably his song ‘Hat Tricks’ found its way to Dutch national radio and became a summer hit.

Geometry, architecture and modernism have always been part of the visual language around Falco Benz, which can be found in the artwork as well as on stage, where he is surrounded by screens showing synchronised geometrically shaped visuals. A formula that is still being refreshed with every new release and that has proven to work in many festival and club settings.

In November 2016, Falco finally dropped his debut album Confiturisme through the Amsterdam based label. Several months of cultivating, harvesting and ripening ingredients resulted in a fine selection of jams, carefully put together forming a melange that can best be described as Confiturisme. The album carries out the array of flavours that Falco likes best, evolving around analogue synthesizers, drum computers and step sequencers, taking you from melancholic patterns to aggressive bass lines to cheerful chords and melodies. Though the album mainly consists of instrumental tracks, three tracks feature collaborations with vocalists. Most surprisingly one with Parisian poetry artist and singer Agnès Aokky, which resulted in the enchanting and mysterious La Féline Mescaline. A track that is accompanied by a notable animation video, created with the mesmerizing illustrations of Parisian illustrator Victor Moatti and directed by maxmana.

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