Comtron is an electronic music duo consisting of Dutch musicians Rimer Veeman and Bas Bron.

They’ve been releasing records for almost a decade now, gaining an international following with their unique strain of avant-garde electric funk.

While Rimer (with Le Le and as Rimer London) and Bas (with De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig and as Seymour Bits, among others) made quite a name for themselves outside of Comtron, the fieldwork they did together echoes through all their subsequent outings to this date.

The sparse lyrics and song titles often take inspiration from the world of finance and big business, glorifying and romanticising it to the point of ridiculing and condemning it.

Known for stellar live performances Comtron played all across Europe. They where asked to open for Kraftwerk in Dublin in 2008.

The latest releases “99”, “98”, “97”, “96” and “95” are out now Magnetron Music.